We are a proud family owned, operated and run business.  Cyranda (wife) who is the founder and now full time operator of the business, co-owner, client interactions, bookkeeping, compliments and complaints, raw feeding advocate (all of us are) and main educator.  Rudolf (husband) who is a co-owner, does all the deliveries and everything else that needs to be done.  Allison  (daughter) - who does admin, stocktaking, packing orders and helps out with deliveries together with Reece (part of the family), Bradley  (son) packing of orders, stocktaking, receiving of stock, unpacking of stock and general strong man of the family and helping pickup clients with their orders and last but not least our doggo "kids", Mila, Seun, Gizmo and Snoopy (the all to happy testers of all of our products, eating tirelessly to tell us which are the good products and what to steer clear of) .  Together we work tirelessly and non-stop to provide the best service and products for our clients and their mommies and daddies (depends on who you call our clients - our clients are the happy and healthy dogs and cats - their mommies and daddies just speak on their behalf and want the best for their babies and that's where we come in).  We are always available to answer any questions and give you the best advise humanly possible from our experiences and knowledge we have acquired over the last couple of years.

Sharing our personal experience and recommendation of the raw food diet for dogs and cats, with some awesome info– so you can make up your own mind – THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING (or rather the raw food)
If you are an animal lover, like us, and want to feed your pet baby the best food available, like us, then please read on… even if you are just a “dog” or “cat” owner, this might even change your mind.

Hi, we are the proud parents of the healthiest, happiest pet babies you can think off. No, it’s not a “my baby is prettier than your baby, scenario” … Let us tell you why…

We have been feeding our pet babies the raw food diet (also known as the BARF diet) for some years now, and we have not had a single problem, as the nay sayers out there will have you believe, be it food poisoning, like E. coli or salmonella poisoning, choking on bones, vomiting or any sort of health issue, actually, to the contrary our pet babies, being pitbull, named Mila (the baby of the house now only 3 years old and raw fed from 8 weeks) a Staffie named Seun (8 years old), a Yorkshire terrier, Gizmo (5 years old) ) and 1 “very special, side walk special”, Snoopy (sausage mixed with Jack Russel, or just “one mama plenty papa” as some would say), who suffers from bad arthritis and who is partially paralysed in her back legs. We rescued her from being put to sleep, because of her condition, she was bit by a Great Dane just after she was born… and I promise you, she has never been happier, (none of our pet babies have), at the ripe young human age of 11 years. Since her change in diet, her overall health, mood and mobility have improved so much that she started jumping of our couch after 10 years, can you believe it? She is actually playing with our other dogs, giving all of them a run for their money. She may still be “the boss lady”, yes, even the Staffie listens to her, but when she plays everyone now joins in, this never used to be the case. How did we manage this? The raw food diet for dogs and cats… Please read on…

From our personal experience, and you can ask anyone who knows us, you can clearly see the change in each and every one of our dogs, they are full of energy (this might be the only possible reason we would ever want to stop feeding the raw food diet… so much energy and playing… I get tired for them). Trust you me, I would not be feeding this diet or recommending it to any pet mommies and daddies out there, if I was not 110% behind it myself.
Now, before I started feeding raw food to my pet babies, I did, as most of you will probably do too, a lot of research and watched hundreds of videos online to get all the information I could, and off course, please also do your own research and make your own conclusions (links to some of these websites and videos provided below), as I have a Yorkie as mentioned above, and I was scared of the consequences and health risks, because these are my pet babies, but watching these videos and reading all the information out there, this just convinced me that I have been feeding my pet babies the human equivalent of, just fast food, or just meal-replacement shakes or bars, which I would not be doing to myself or my human family, as it wouldn’t be healthy and we would probably not survive, for not having a proper balanced meal, with everything your body needs to be healthy and thrive, every day.

But it’s easier to just feed kibble (pellets) you say, yes feeding kibble (pellets) is the easy and convenient food, and I also thought my pet babies were getting the proper nutrients, proteins and vitamins they needed, but boy was I wrong. Just take a look at some of the links below with Dr Brown, what he found when he started investigating and gathering information about the commercial pet foods you buy all over. I actually felt guilty after watching these, and I apologised to my pet babies for what I have been doing to them… yes they have been surviving, but just surviving not thriving…

Just think about it, for a second, who is your pet baby’s great, great, great x about 10 000 grandfather and grandmother, not a Yorkie or Staffie or any other breed of dog or cat, no they (our pet babies) have only accompanied us humans as tame animals for about 10 000 years (maybe even more – who knows), and guess who that great grandfather and grandmother x 10000 was – yes, wolves (doggies) and lions (kitties).

Have you ever seen anyone feeding a wolf kibble (pellets)…, which, by the way has only been around for about 100 years now. (A very short time if you look at the bigger picture) No? I doubt you have, or even for that matter, would you feed a cow a piece of meat? No, you wouldn’t, because it’s not biological specie appropriate, so why would you NOT feed your pet babies a biological species appropriate food, that their bodies and digestive tracks were designed for?

Have you ever rushed your dog or cat to the vet because they caught a bird or a rabbit? You may have (I know it did), but they were fine, weren’t they, because that’s what they do. That’s what they were made to do, to hunt and eat raw meat and bones, yes still after thousands of years their digestive tracks have not changed, and therefore their bodies were made to fight the bacteria and germs and with a lot of new research and educating today, probably the only logical and loving way you should be feeding your pet babies.

Okay, there are some stories out there about the possible negative effects of feeding raw food – which I choose not to advertise or tell you about, because there is no concrete evidence to prove this – I will only show you the positive in which the negative information is clarified and put to rest. – I MEAN, JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

Let me tell you about just some of the benefits:
  • Fewer and better formed stools, they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days – about 90% less – yes this I can promise you, and it smells so much better… NEED I SAY MORE?
  • But I will say more…
  • Better overall health
  • Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
  • Better smelling breath, less tartar and cleaner teeth
  • Glossier, healthier coats with less hair loss
  • More stamina
  • No itchiness
  • Food enjoyment, and boy, is there food enjoyment
  • A calmer, yet more focused, nature
  • Less, a lot less vet visits, because your pet baby’s overall health is much better
  • No doggy odour
  • Saves you money – your better commercial dog foods can be so expensive
  • Biologically specific and correct for your pet baby, back to nature like it should be – as mother nature knows best
  • Have a completely new pet baby, even your older, un-energetic pet baby, will be revitalised
  • You can give your pet babies an extra couple of years to love you and be loved by you
  • Weight control, you control weight gain and weight loss, by regulating how much you feed, there is no added chemicals, non-whatsoever. Feeding is also pet baby, age and weight specific – if you have a high energy pet baby, for example, you will have to feed a bit more, I mean its hard work to play and run all day – they need some extra fuel to burn. If you have a low energy, big baby the feeding amounts will be off course, be different… but don’t worry we have you sorted and will advise exactly how much you should be feeding
  • Arthritis significantly reduced or completely disappears in some pet babies that switched over
  • Specific food allergies – what allergies? – they too will disappear – because you will be feeding a variety of different products, and not the same thing over, and over and over, which helps in causing food specific allergies. Please watch the video’s from Dr Becker on food allergies to better understand the ins and outs of your pet babies’ food related allergies
  • Your pregnant pet baby will also thank you, so will your pet babies’ pet babies (you know what I mean) – and yes, you can feed the raw food diet to your pet babies’ babies as well. For all feeding guidelines please follow the recommended amounts, which will be provided promptly on request.
I will personally vouch for all of the above and anyone that feeds biologically appropriate raw food will do the same.